Hey fransss,

I hope your week is off to a great start! I’d like to share a couple verses with you:

2 Chronicles 20:2-4 NIV

2 Some people came and told Jehoshaphat, “A vast army is coming against you from Edom, from the other side of the Dead Sea. It is already in Hazezon Tamar” (that is, En Gedi). 3 Alarmed, Jehoshaphat resolved to inquire of the Lord, and he proclaimed a fast for all Judah. 4 The people of Judah came together to seek help from the Lord; indeed, they came from every town in Judah to seek him.

Verse 3 is what quickly caught my attention. After the word “Alarmed” in the text, one would fully expect the next words to describe rash decisions and actions of the said person who is in a state of alarm. With Jehoshaphat, these rash decisions are even more expected seeing that the reason for his alarm was indeed VERY valid.

I mean, it was a VAST army, sheesh


But unlike what the understandable response of an alarmed person would do, Jehoshaphat in his state of alarm “resolved to inquire of the Lord.”

Quick question, Who is your go-to person? Or even, What is your go-to thing?

Is living in fear and panic your first choice when alarmed? I’ll tell you this is the likely more tempting choice for me. Is yours to seek advice from everyone BUT the One who created you, wrote your life story and knows the end from the beginning? Is yours to seek solace in a thing or an act that you know will only leave you feeling desolate and empty afterwards?

Very simply put, God wants us to run to Him first. He’d rather be our only option but regardless He wants to be our first option. No matter your situation – big or small, God loves the details and He wants to know that you trust Him with your life. He is a good father that takes care of us. He doesn’t shatter our hearts, He handles with love.

If you read the rest of the chapter, you see Jehoshaphat’s decision to go to God first paid awfff. I mean, He and the people of Judah and Jerusalem harvested things they never even sowed, because He chose to trust God first.

I also want to quickly point out verse 4. The people came together to seek God. Our world needs this right now: Unity in Christ. But as we know, we can’t force anyone to come to Jesus. What we can do though as christians is to still come together and seek God in whatever small space we find ourselves. We need His truth and grace and His wisdom to apply both fully.

“If calamity comes upon us, whether the sword of judgment, or plague or famine, we will stand in your presence before this temple that bears your Name and will cry out to you in our distress, and you will hear us and save us.” 2 Chronicles 20:9

Stay blessed and a blessing,

Dami ❤

P.S. I love hearing from you all! How is this season going for you? Are you learning any new lessons or facing any challenges so far? Can I join you in prayer? Use the Leave A Reply button below or email me at cravinghislifestyle@gmail.com.

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