Hi beautiful friends,

Recently the concept of complacency as it relates to our christian journey has been on my mind.

Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the second definition of this word, Complacency, as an instance of usually unaware or uninformed satisfaction with oneself.

As Christians, it is so easy to get satisfied and stuck in a loop of arguments of what God deems right or wrong. The more we do, the more we attempt to apply human wisdom and understanding to the already perfect laws God has set for us as His creation. The more time we spend in these cycle of arguments, the more we blur the lines of God’s calling in our lives – completely ignoring and living unaware of the real truth God has called you to.

God is calling you back to learn about His true character. Rather than be swift to give our opinions on God’s laws, we must be armed with truth and determine in our hearts to live by them (Ephesians 6:10-18). God’s character and His laws are not up for debate. Complacency leaves us thinking that they are.

Now, we can only know God by knowing Jesus. Come to Him simply and humbly. Spend time in prayers of surrender, in studying God’s word – the bible and listening for the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit.

“Find out for yourself how good the Lord is – Happy is the one who trusts in Him!” Psalm 34:8

Stay blessed and a blessing,

Dami ❤

P.S. I love hearing from you all! How is this season going for you? Are you learning any new lessons or facing any challenges so far? Can I join you in prayer? Use the Leave A Reply button below or email me at cravinghislifestyle@gmail.com.

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