Hey franssssssss. Happy almost end of February and almost new Month!!! Lol, I’m glad that’s not a thing! Don’t mind me just trying to make a dramatic entrance. I think I succeeded lol.

I wish we could have a conversation over these blog posts!!! I really wanna know, how are yall? Especially since the last blog series packed with a lot of hard truths. How has applying it looked like in our lives? Best belief numerous opportunities have presented itself for me to be tested and refined in the various areas we discussed. The tests will always come, won’t they?

In fact, Jesus especially promised them to us. Thankfully, he quickly added  to that promise, “Take heart, I have overcome the world.” So, in all the huffing and puffing the trials and temptations of this world throw at us, we know the One who is in us and for us already conquered it! Whew, talk about a testimony! Thank You, Jesus ❤

So, while still on the topic of trials, this is a great segue into today’s post. I believe God has been speaking to me recently about the importance of showing up. Showing up when you said you would even though the circumstances for which you said you would have changed. Ouch. That one hurt a little to write.

We’ve probably encountered one or two (or even more *insert overly dramatic eye roll*) “friends” who we could just never rely on. I mean, for every benefit of the doubt you gave them, they gave you 10 more reasons to have just gone with your gut instinct in the first place.

Frankly, unreliable folks are one of my biggest peeves. I recently listened to Pastor Heather Lindsey and she mentioned something about “Can God count on you?”

And we may quickly want to respond to that by saying “Of course, sis!” But a true measure of that is how well can the people – loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers – or responsibilities in our lives count on us? Do we easily flake out? 

Those two words are so vital: “Show up.” Since I’ve been conscious of them this week, I’ve counted five times already when I wanted to bail or postpone because I didn’t feel the need to anymore or didn’t feel like it because “feelings” or something valid actually happened. And as the words “show up” would come to mind, I talked myself back into why I needed to go, why it was important that I showed up.

God is looking for reliable vessels that He can count on and before He takes us to the next level, He will begin pruning us to prove the character of reliability in our lives. I encourage us to right now ask the Holy Spirit to make us aware of these opportunities for us to be reliable in our daily lives. Besides, it is when we have been faithful over the little that He can then say to us, “Well done good and faithful servant. I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Master!”  

On the not so glamourous days, there will be many reasons and justifications to bail or postpone, but remember this is also a great time to: 1.) Exercise your trust in God (remember whatever we exercise grows stronger and more sturdy) 2.) Surrender to God: “Lord, you see where I am at this moment, I do NOT want to do this, but I surrender my wants and will to You. Can you help me please?” and after that prayer, decide to take slow but steady steps. 3.) Practice being a reliable vessel for God

Of course, in some instances, showing up will mean showing up for ourselves. Is there a relationship we need to let go of? Have we been running on empty and need to REST? Is there a situation you need to wisely remove yourself from to avoid something or someone that may be detrimental to you?

My prayer is that we continually ask for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and we lean in always to receive the answers. Showing up will always mean sacrificing what we want. And to let the character of reliability be proved and refined in our lives, we must continually have to practice showing up in the little or big day-to-day circumstances that pop up.

That’s it, friends! I don’t want to end without sharing some bible references that you can meditate on together with this post, here ya go: 

Galatians 6:9Hebrews 10:36Job 36:21Psalm 71:14

Stay blessed and a blessing,


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