Happy Monday, friends! I shared this testimony on Instagram and decided i must also share with you all. I was talking with someone about this #testimony on friday and it was just like how the heck have i not shared this publicly???? So here ya go.

May 2017 i graduated w my honors BS in Biology, summa cum laude (3.9/4.0 cGPA). I had various & diverse experiences that people would usually say prepared you to have a guaranteed job after college (university). That didn’t happen. It was 7 months before i got my current job, as an international student that is a LONG and RISKY timeline to not have anything solid. These 7 months were one of my hardest, dryest and most depressing. I felt constantly confused esp. when i came on social media and people would post their beautiful pictures & then announce what next step they were headed to & they would add a tag of something like, “just trust in the Lord, God did it, commit your ways to the Lord, etc.” All absolutely true things but in that season I couldn’t hear it esp when i believed i had done all those things and even worse, whenever someone would look at my resume they would go on about how impressed they were and how qualified i was and it’s like “well hire me then” and i would get a blank stare. I will share more from this season in the future by God’s grace. For now, short summary is that it was hard, it stretched me a lot, it taught me a lot. Towards the end (which at the time, I didn’t know it was towards the end), i came around to just surrendering to God (in a different way than i had been doing), seeking Him for Him and not what seemed most pressing, crying my fears & heart desires to Him – no matter how doubtful they sounded, much like David. 

So, december 10, 2017, i had completed a job application for my current job. I didn’t submit yet because i wanted to confirm all my references before sending. I decided i would send it the morning of the 11th. But I couldn’t go to bed that night, i kept feeling a strong nudge, “submit it now” i argued, “what’s the point, when i can wait till tomorrow, confirm references and then submit,” the nudge continued, so i grudgingly got up the bed, opened my laptop and just hit submit, closed it and when to sleep peacefully. Next day, i go in to update my references, i couldn’t – job application was closed (LOL. So if i had waited till that day like i had originally planned, I couldn’t have submitted the application because it would be closed). While i’m perusing their website for who i can send the updates to, i get an email from my now supervisor, it was a phone interview invite. Interview goes great, next step is a 2-3 hour skype interview on the 15th – it goes well, “give us about 2 weeks/1 month to get back you,” 2 hours later, i get a call saying i got the job. All this happened in less than 5 days. But even more to this testimony is since i started working, i’ve come to learn of other things that surrounded me getting the job. I won’t say for now but the takeaway is that while i was crying, feeling forgotten, the voice of favour had been fighting for me for MONTHS in a whole ‘noda state (please do not miss that). 

Mind you the time it took me to complete this application was LONG. Because i was just constantly sure i would never get it- I didn’t have a full time experience & the majority of these positions required a Master’s AND the experience. Two of my undergrad references that i was sure would be able to vouch for me fell thru, one outrightly said no (after about two years of my undergrad was spent working there), the other just never responded to my outreaches. So in less than 5 days from when i grudgingly hit the submit button, i had a job that i was sure that i could do but felt i didn’t have what most others had. 

I share this because there’s someone who feels “stuck.” Trying to move forward, really doing your absolute best but you swear every step you take hits a wall. Right now it feels like you’re on the floor looking up like “what did i do to deserve this? How or why am i here?” Let this encourage you, 

  1. in less than 5 days, God did what i had been striving to do since the start of 2017 – time bows to the will of Your Creator, not the other way round. 
  2. What God has for you will be a wonderful answered prayer. He just wants your heart – broken and weary as it may be, cry out to Him, even the doubts, fears, anxieties – His grace is bigger than them all. 
  3. Hide yourself in His word – the book of psalms are your friend in this season. Also, habakkuk 2:2-3; Romans 12:12. There’s even so much more, surround yourself with the christian radio, christian songs, youtube videos, etc. 
  4. That verse in habakkuk says, at the appointed time.. though it tarries (lingers), it will not delay..” & so lastly, i will say, thru your breaking heart, trust. God. first. He said He will do it, He will. ❤️

I pray for you in this season, God’s right hand will uphold you. He will be close to you. He will hold your heart. He will strengthen you to do exceedingly, abundantly, far more than you ever thought you could. All for His glory. in Jesus name.❤️

p.s. this should not count as my once a month post, hahah. Please still hold me accountable!!!! LOOL.

All my best, Dami ❤

5 thoughts on “#TestimonyTime: Started a new job

  1. Love this testimony and congratulations 🎉🎊 on the job!
    I love the saying that people say over and over again “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called”
    I pray for blessings upon blessings in your job! ❤️


  2. Great testimony. God that has done this for you will perfectly do the next one by His mighty hand in Jesus mighty name Amen 

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