Hi there my fellas,

haha. I hope your week is coming to an end well. Mine is, but only by the grace of God.

A little back story before today’s write up. I wrote this in April last year, after reflecting on some mental and emotional battles I had faced about two months before then. Earlier this week, I decided this was the write up I was going to share for today’s post. Before posting I wanted to spend more time praying on it this morning to see if God was leading me to share something different. Come this morning, I had not spent much time praying before leaving the house, so I didn’t post it just yet.

I decided when I got back I’ll spend the time praying and then share what God led me to. Welp, the devil attacked before then. And I believe, because I did not spend the adequate time guarding my heart this morning with prayer and God’s word, I was very vulnerable to his attack (the importance of prayer guys, smh).

BUT, for the grace of God! Through the struggles of today, He led me to be still and to try to sing a new song. To be still and to listen for the song He was playing in my heart and just sing it. So I put on a slow instrumental playlist on Spotify Music Player and just let Him speak in my heart while I sang. At the end of today’s post, I’m going to be sharing a particular song lyric from today. So alas, with the events that went down today, this Write-Up is, in fact, what I should be sharing with you today.

For you with sobs so deep, they threaten to choke you, you with questions so simple that there are no answers, for you who’s been patient so long you’re starting to wonder, this, my dear is for you.

God is here. And the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.

“If it had not been the Lord on our side, when people [evil] attacked us, they would have swallowed us alive. . . But praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be torn by their teeth.” Psalm 124

My Precious One

– CravingHisLifestyle

And for the song of remembrance that God has given me to end the night:

No one knows the battle that I face
No one sees the scars that I bear
Only God has seen me in it all
And through it all, He's carried me.

Now, go crazy, haha. Ask the Holy Spirit to let your creative juices flow and that He should give you His own tune for these words. Hum it around today and let Him use it to fill up the places in your life that the enemy is so desperately trying to fight over.

All my best,
Dami ❤

P.S. I hope you are blessed by today’s post ❤ Please like and share it to encourage someone who may need this word. If you have any questions, prayer requests, thoughts etc., please comment below via the “Leave a Reply” button or email me at cravinghislifestyle@gmail.com. Also, subscribe to CravingHisLifestyle by using the “Follow Blog via Email” link at the bottom or side of this page, this way you never miss an entry 🙂

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