Recently, I’ve been playing and replaying the song “Storyteller” by Morgan Harper Nichols (MHN). 

Some of you may know her as the bomb diggity Christian poet that writes a TON of encouraging short, sometimes long, poems. (Check out some of her stuff here).

I’ve been replaying Storyteller because I am coming to see that it is the reality of my own life. As I flip through the mental pages of my life, I see a lot of struggles that have challenged me to be the woman I am becoming today.

I realize that during the actual struggle, that is the very LAST place I want to be – be it [insert struggles: doubt, peer pressure, sexual tension, fear, anxiety, loneliness, betrayal, failure, disappointment, weaknesses, list goes on]. – I would rather be anywhere but have to actually deal through that situation.

But the more I flip through these pages, the more I realize that going through the fire is usually God’s way of refining us. Victories do not often come by avoiding or hiding away. Usually, God gives us victory by causing us to go through, so that we can in turn master and overcome that struggle.

As I grow, I am continuing to see that these past challenges are the things that qualify me to be the storyteller I am today. They give me substance. They make me more credible. It’s like when you you review a research or argumentative piece, you should always be thinking, ‘why is this author a credible source? What qualifies them to educate me on this?”

I believe my past and even present challenges continue to build me into a more credible storyteller.

So to you grieving, you that is hurting, you with the broken – heart, you that feels disappointed, confused, betrayed, lost, you that believes yourself a failure, keep fixing your eyes on Jesus – the writer of the beginning to the end of your faith. Hebrews 12:2.

Through the tears, continue to reset your heart to see that you are only becoming a more credible source of hope to this very broken world. And while it does not always make sense “why it has to be this way,” God is the creator of our universe and knows more than anyone else the absolute best way to bring us the utmost glorious end that He has promised us.

And so we keep trusting. We keep finding comfort in His words, reminding ourselves of His past faithfulness, knowing that the God that we serve, He owes no one. He always comes through.

So cheers to you *insert glass cups clinking*, a credible Storyteller in the making.

“With every page that turns I see your faithfulness.” MHN

This is a line from Storyteller. I hope you know that as a child of God, this is indeed your story. One that tells of the goodness and faithfulness of your Creator. One that always only points all glory to Him. One that warms your heart, but also speaks peace, hope and light to this generation and the ones to come.

You can listen to Storyteller here or read up the lyrics here.

Random Post Moment:

I watched a video interview with Andy Mineo, an openly Christian rap artist. He discusses his struggles with faith and God despite growing up in the church. I say it is worth a listen, because I believe there comes a time (possibly several times) in the life of a Christian, where you are challenged to take all that you think you know or have heard about God and actually put Him to test to find out for your own self who your Creator is.

Mind you, I don’t mean who your pastor says He is, or your favorite instagram or YouTube Christian or preacher says He is, rather to really know Him for yourself.

“I believe what we know of God sets the tone for our relationship with Him.”

So I say you owe it to yourself to know the God that proclaims He knit you together and knew you before you even were, for who He really is.

Watch the video interview here.

I’m going to plug in this Bible verse because I believe it goes along with this Random Post Moment,

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15 NIV

Much love,

Dami ❤

P.S. I hope to hear from you! If you have any questions concerning something I mentioned in this post or in general, comments, prayer requests, etc., feel free to reach out to me via email (private) or via the “Leave a Reply” button below (public).

2 thoughts on “The Becoming of a Storyteller

  1. Thanks very much Dami for this piece. God is continually re-moulding, refining and re-positioning you to become His vessel according to His will. He is behind the scene remote controlling events around you and when He is through, all eyes and ears will appreciate the great Honourable Vessel you have become.

    Ride on Beloved.

    Rev Akin Oke


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