I started this write up about three years ago, and a couple times each year since then, I would tweak it because it just quite did not seem finished.

It’s still not finished, but a girl can only be hesitant for so long. So here you go! I’d like to spend more time tweaking in some more metaphors and making my punctuation more defined to allow for a more seamless read, etc. But again, in the spirit of not hesitating any longer, I’m going ahead to publish this, hoping that the core message of this write up is still as clear as day to each one of its readers.

Muchas gracias,

Dami ❤

Writing Exercise:


Someday, we all think life will get better.
"Someday I'll jump," we say
"Someday I'll run," "Maybe, I’ll even fly," we
say with a light laugh.
"Someday I'll be perfectly happy."
"Someday I'll laugh, and I'll genuinely mean it."
"Someday I'll smell the flowers."
"Who knows? Someday I just might take that leap"
"Be a frog for a day, run wild, and even live"
And as we keep looking toward the perfect bliss of
Someday, the lines begin to fade.
We anticipate a paradise while slowly forgetting to
live our now.
We forget to walk; we forget to laugh.
And as we look back, we start to realize that we missed it.
We missed out.
We pick and choose the perfect ways to live, "someday," but
we forget to live now.
Maybe someday is really just now.
Maybe the only difference between someday and right now
is in our minds.
What if, just hear me out,
For a day, we did the things planned for someday, right now.
What if today we laughed and meant it, even if it were at
the silly things we did.
What if today we smelled the flowers, even if they were
to be fake flowers.
What if today we jumped, even if it were from our couch
to the floor
What if today we lived? And I mean, intentionally lived.
What if we took the fantasies of our someday and
fit them into our now?
Just, what if? and if we did, would we finally see that
someday was here all along,
and in fact, life was getting better all this time.

Random Post Moment 

Actual candid photo of me at the beach. Fun fact: The beach is one of my absolute favorite places to be. Something about the openness and vastness of the surrounding that represents freedom to me. It’s like it just screams NO LIMITSSS, and i love it, ha! anyone else feel this way? No? Just me? Ok, bye.

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