These days it’s hard for me to receive encouragement from just anybody. I read a blogger’s post saying something like, “God wants you to trust Him when you don’t understand.”
And you know my reaction? A hundred eyerolls in my head and then “yeah well, tell me that when you go through something other than a stressful day.”
And i hate to admit this because i know they’re right.
I know God wants me to trust Him no matter what, but it’s hard to hear it from someone who doesn’t seem to have an idea of what they’re saying.
So hear me when I say, I understand if you want to roll your eyes. I understand if you’ve heard enough and you’re either ready to see God move or quit the whole thing altogether (& yes i do mean life).
But please also hear me when I say this:

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.
God is not finished with you yet.

I know because He is dealing with me too.
Whatever it is you’re going through, you are not alone.
God is truly holding your right hand (Isaiah 41:13). See through His word rather than through your eyes.
Remember that he loves you, he genuinely wants the best for you, and that means taking you through the fire so that you come out the purest of His jewels
So to you who are broken in spirit. To you who feels like you have reached your limit. To you who just cannot take anymore. To you waking up in a panic, gasping for air. To you in unfamiliar waters, hear this:
“Take heart. God is with you.”
Command your soul to look up and see the Lord Most High. See your Father standing next to you. See him holding your right hand. See him leading you.
Leading you through the waters,
Through the valley of the shadow of death,
Through the fire.
To you who are broken-hearted, keep in mind that we are conquerors.
The battle is indeed already won.

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I got inspired to make this entry while listening to Donnie McClurkin’s “I’ll trust you.”  It is truly a blessing if you listen close to the lyrics.
Also, please visit , read the inspiring story of Kakenya who got engaged at age 5 and underwent female genital mutilation at 12. Now she runs a school for less privileged girls in Kenya. Keep them in your prayers, and consider giving as much as you can, no matter how little it may seem to you.

Stay blessed and a blessing,

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