Tonight i was in a room with the very artists God has used a GREAT deal to build me up in my relationship with Him.

I remember days as a freshman in college watching Jesus culture – Chris Quilala & Kim walker. I would sing along to these songs that drew me closer to God’s heart and led me to know just how big and unconditional His love is. I am still discovering how wide and how deep it is to this day.

I remember my first time watching Jenn Johnson on youtube. I was amazed at the freedom with which she expressed her worship to God on stage. I went to the comments, thinking i would see others admiring her too. Rather, i saw people condemning her. Some saying she overdid her worship, saying it distracted others from worship. No no. Don’t ever let the enemy dim your expressions to your loving Father. Let it out.

I remember being alone at the dmv and waiting to take my license test, my heart was beating uncontrollably, like i could see my shirt move up and down slightly cause of my heart beat. All i could do was sit and sing quietly the lyrics of Kari Jobe’s “i am not alone, i am not alone. You will go before me, you will never leave me.” And let me tell you, i still whisper those lyrics when i feel fear and confusion.

And today i got to lift up God’s name with all these people and many more. Thank you Lakewood church for the invitation to remind us that at the end of it all, when everything is stripped away.. all we have left is to trust in Jesus, that’s all we really have, Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, help us to stay grounded in You and your love for us. Because this life gets very much like a roller coaster. And some days we’re good, and feel we can face it all. Other days we get overwhelmed and we feel completely beat down. Help us to remember in those times that we are not alone. You hold us by our right hand and help us. When we don’t know what to pray Lord, help us to say the name that is greater than all. The only name that can save.. JESUS. And help us to believe that truly You are on our side, fighting for us. Thank you for loving us so deeply. I love you Lord. in Jesus name. Amen.


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Have a blessed week,

Dami. ❤


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