“‘Stop fighting,’ He says, ‘and know that I am God, supreme among the nations, supreme over the world.'”  ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:10‬ ‭GNB‬‬.

I opened my bible app this evening and this verse came up. I thought it fit perfectly with the word i really wanted to share with you all for this new month. “Embrace the change.” It’s different i know, but different doesn’t mean bad. It’s just different. Stop fighting the changes God is making in your life, and R E S T in the fact that God is God. Things might be different and uncomfortable but constantly remind yourself that God remains in charge over the affairs in your life, as long as you give it to Him.

I’m currently in a transition stage in my life and i have had to put these words into action. More often, I find myself asking God to teach me to be still, or to embrace the change and know that He is God. I find that a lot of times it’s easier to receive instructions from God but harder to carry them out. Because of this, I’ve gotten into a habit of asking God to help or show or teach me. I find that while it may sound super easy to “be still,” it is extremely hard when the circumstances around you are the opposite of still.

I officially welcome you into this new month of August and I sincerely hope that you would carry these words with you as we move on.



Happy New Month lovelies!

Stay blessed and a blessing,

Dami x


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2 thoughts on “A U G U S T.

  1. Dami, thanks always for the inspiring messages. As we trust God, we’ll know that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace and joy, to take us to our expected end. Things are definitely going to look different sometimes, but cheer up brethren, God is still on the throne. He is the Referee of any competition you might be, and He will not blow the whistle to end the game until you are on top.

    See you all on Top. Thanks again Dami and receive more inspiration in Jesus name, Amen

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