IMG_4301To leave this comfort? No
I will remain at shore.
Feel the sand under my feet
Hear the waves afar,
Yet, stay safe from its pull.

Oh but I see Him, the Lord!
High and mighty, deep in the waters.
My soul, it longs for Him
That I may draw near.
How I love the Father!

Call me to you Jesus,
Let me be drawn to your peace.
“Come, my child”
See, a storm!
I must wait a while at shore,
For the storm, it fast approaches.
“Come, my child”
Lord, I will
But I must wait a while.
See, a storm!
Raging wildly.

Lord! Call me to peace instead
Let me, in awe, behold your vast glory.
See, a storm
I must wait a while.

And though in fear I tremble,
Yet I rise.
Stepping into waters unknown.
One foot in front of the other.
Ahead, a storm is near
But I see the Lord,
In all His glory.
His eyes, brighter than the sun.
His voice, gentle and thundering,
Firm, no wavering,
“I am with you.”

So yes a storm is near,
But I step out,
Into the unknown.
Walking on water, eyes fixed on Jesus.

References: – Matthew 14: 22 – 29 ; Hebrews 12 : 2 ; Matthew 28:20

Hey guys! I wrote this a while back when i wrote the “Walking on Water” entry but i decided to share it today. I hope this inspires and encourages you. God is always with you, even in the unknown.

Stay blessed and a blessing! x

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