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How is your week going? Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?? I’m really just planning to relaskkkk and refresh.

First I want to apologize, God gave me this word to share with you a while back but I’m just now getting to it. 😦

Second I would say, let the title of this entry keep you hooked. Who is this “him” haaa ????


So let’s get right into it,

please READ Matthew 18 vs 21 -35

Matthew 18:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 The servant’s master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go

The master was patient with His servant by forgiving Him; He canceled the debts the servant owed him and then let him go.

He let him go physically by not putting him in jail, but he also let him go emotionally. He didn’t hold on to the hurt and say

“Oh people keep using me, always borrowing from me and never returning. Always hurting me”

“I’m too nice, I need to teach people that I can stand for myself”

“I won’t let him go, I will imprison him”

“Show him who’s boss”

The master didn’t say all these things, rather the bible recorded that he let him go.

So by now, I’m hoping you’re getting an idea who “him” is??? At least who him is in your life??

What offense still owes you?

Let Him go.

Stop holding on. In fact, you CANNOT live life holding on. You CANNOT spend your time worrying about whether or not he or she is really telling the truth, contemplating if they’re deserving of your forgiveness. You CANNOT spend your time worrying how much of a weakling they’ll think you are if you freely forgive and let go.

You just CAN’T.

Life starts to get sour when you live holding on to baggage, because you get so distracted by its weight and stop tasting the song God has placed in your heart and mouth.

Matthew 18:30 New International Version (NIV)

30 “But [the servant] refused. Instead, he went off and had [his fellow servant] thrown into prison until he could pay the debt.

The servant couldn’t let him go. He couldn’t be patient. He couldn’t forgive.

And you know maybe for a split second, He actually wanted to forgive. He saw his fellow servant’s tears and wanted to give in. But immediately the devil brought all these thoughts to his mind,

He had pardoned people all his life, forgiven debts and look where it got him?? Owing a whole king!

Just because he decided to show love to others, he decided to be nice, and it got him in trouble! So no! There was no way he was forgiving his fellow servant this time, no way he was showing love to those who didn’t deserve it!

Maybe it wasn’t even that, maybe he looked at his fellow servant and wanted to pardon and show love to him but immediately, he remembered seeing that same servant spending and gallivanting, yet he claimed to not be able to pay back.

And as more of these thoughts crept in, the servant held on tighter, demanding for a pay back.

He couldn’t let go. He just couldn’t. He was too hurt.

And in vs 30, he threw the man into a prison physically, but also emotionally. He thought to enslave the man, but unknown to him he enslaved himself in the process.

You know what hurts the most? Sometimes people don’t even go the lengths the fellow servant went to plead and ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes people hurt you unknowingly, but other times very knowingly… it usually even doesn’t matter, does it?

All that matters in that moment is how offended we are, and how it seems like we would never be able to get past their offense if they never apologize or never realize they were wrong or even if they apologize…

Well, as God’s daughter, I’m telling you today that you can. You can get past it.

You have AUTHORITY. As a son of God, as a daughter of God, you have the same authority the king had to cancel the debts and let the servant go.

It’s in your hands, the authority and power to forgive.

You don’t need an apology to let him go. You don’t need an apology to love again. You don’t need an apology to cancel the debts.

You already have that authority,

Cancel the debts and let Him go.

Matthew 18:35 New International Version (NIV)

35 “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”


“. . .from your heart”

The servant enslaved his fellow, and in doing so, God enslaved Him too.

Because he couldn’t let him go, he became a prisoner to God.

The excuses and reasons why he couldn’t forgive that mattered before didn’t matter anymore.

The excuses that made him choke his fellow and outrage people around him were now worthless.

At this point, you have a picture of “him” in your mind. Whoever or whatever him is for you,

                                             Cancel the debts, and let him go.

And in the future, as offense and hurt and anger get thrown at you, cancel those debts. The second they come in, cancel them and let them go. Don’t wait for the apology of the person to pay. God’s love in you is rich and abundant to cover all the debts.

Take that authority and cancel the debts.

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Have a lovely weekend,

Dami ❤














































































One thought on “Cancel the Debts (Let Him Go)

  1. Thanks very much Dami,      This is a great message of forgiveness. We need to release those who offended us, empty our hearts for God to fill us with His goodness and mercy. I pray that the grace to forgive willingly be released on us all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen 

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