Hey guys, i know i know, “too soon,” but I feel led to make this entry so I’m going to jump right to it.

2017 is in 2 dayssss…

No better way to get ready for the new year than with prayer.

2017 Prayer and Declaration: The year God’s oil of favour overflows me by divine commandment.

I would like to share some bible stories we’re using at church for you to meditate on as you declare these words:

  • Esther moving from a regular girl to Queen
    • Esther 2. She was not qualified. In that situation, the king choosing a queen was based solely on if He was feeling whatever girl entered His presence. Miraculously, he liked Esther. Why? because the Lord was with her, because of that she found favour among men.
    • Prayer: Lord, give me the grace to not be content with uncomfortable situations in 2017. I want more. Lord be with me. Let Your favour chase me down from now on and in 2017. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  • Joseph from captive to ruler in Portiphar’s house Genesis 39 : 1-6
  • Joseph from prison to becoming in charge of Egypt. Genesis 39 : 20-23 ; 41 : 37-40
    • Joseph was another unqualified candidate. Like man, he wasn’t even Egyptian, yet Pharaoh said, and I quote “I am Pharaoh, but without your word no one will lift hand or foot in all Egypt.” Genesis 41 : 44
    • Prayer: Lord from now on and in 2017, let people see You in me, as they see You, let them favour me, and as they favour me, bless them. Father give me success in all that I do.  Vs 38. In 2017, let me not shy away from being a genuine christian, but let your Holy Spirit manifest in me. Let people see Your spirit and feel Your presence in me and from there let them honor and prosper me.  
    • For every bad news I had in 2016, let prosperity raise me up in 2017 . Gen 41:51-52. In Jesus name. Amen.

Other bible references,

I hope you get to read and meditate on one or more of the bible verses to see what God has to say to you personally as you slide into 2017.


HAPPY 2017!    


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  1. Dami,     Thanks for sharing and edifying body of Christ. ‘the Lord gave the word, great is the multitude of them that publish it’. Oil of favour will overflow you always in 2017 in Jesus name, Amen 

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