I was in the car with my family one day and it started to rain heavily. It got really hard to see the road and i started praying in my heart for the Holy Spirit to take over the driving and for our safety. Ironically I realized then that the song “let it rain” had been playing in the background and it was a little funny to me; I asked for the rain while singing the song but now the rain is here and I’m wondering if I can handle it, telling God to take control. It got me thinking: A lot of times we sing & pray “Open the flood gates of heaven, let it rain. We want more of your rain Jesus, we want to feel the rain..” but are we even ready for the rain? We ask for something and don’t consider what it takes to actually receive. Are we truly ready and prepared to receive what it is we are praying for? Whether that rain is in form of blessings or it’s the trials that come before your actual blessing.
Are you ready for the rain?
I honestly do not know what situation you are in as of this moment, and I won’t pretend to know what your rain feels like. But I do know that as long as God allowed that rain to pour on you, it is going to be in your favor. Remember Jer 29:11? His thoughts and plans for us are good, pure good, there is nothing evil in Him. If He has allowed something to happen, then it is all for a greater good and purpose. And so rather than hide in the shade from the rain, how bout going out and actually feeling the rain? Feel every single drop of it that falls on you, because now God has let the rain of His presence fall, He is calling you with boldness and testing you. He has given you every thing you need for the rain: His word, His son and His Spirit. Step out with confidence. You are a child of God. It doesn’t matter how scary that rain is. It’s not about the rain, it’s not even about you. It’s all about Him. And it will always be about Him, no matter the turn of your situation, no matter the intensity of the rain, whether your rain is a blessing or a trial. It’s all about the Father.
And I won’t lie, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s actually unbearable for me to feel the rain and I can’t see past it. But God is faithful and He has been teaching me in those times, to praise Him for who He is, not neccesarily for what is going on in my life. I think I’ve had those days where literally EVERY single thing seemed to go wrong, not like one or two things, I mean every single thing, except for the fact that I was alive and healthy. And in times like that it is so hard to see God’s vision and plan for my life, but I’m learning gradually that in things that concern me, it is for God to know and for me to trust Him. I don’t have to know what His plan is, I just need to trust and obey, that’s it. It’s a gradual process. I’m not quite there yet. But He’s teaching me. I’m constantly getting put in situations where my only hope is literally to trust in Him and really He hasn’t failed me. And I genuinely know He never will. David said “I have been young and I have been old, never have I seen the righteeous forsaken, nor their children begging bread.” Ps 37:25. When you give your heart to God and you love Him and you genuinely want to please Him, He never lets you go.
I pray that from today we start letting the rain. The rain that we’ve been praying to fall ever since and now it seems more than we can handle, I pray that we are able to trust God in the midst of the rain. I pray that we start feeling the rain and singing in the rain, rather than taking cover from it. I pray that we let the rain.
I genuinely pray this has ministered to someone today and I’d really love to hear from you!
Feel free to comment, like, share or contact me privately at cravinghislifestyle@gmail.com with questions, concerns or even prayer requests!:)

3 thoughts on “Let the rain

  1. Thanks Dami for this lovely piece. It reminds of Moses who on his own tried to save the Israelite s, He went to the extent of killing an Egyptian but when God officially called him to go and deliver them, he said he won’t be able to because of his weaknesses.

    At a time in my life, I prayed Lord make me great but when the Lord started showing me somethings about greatness, He asked me if I was ready for greatness. I became sacred but the Spirit of God spoke to my Spirit that there was no need to be scared but to pray that God will prepare me for greatness. I had to change my prayers to God prepare me for greatness. Funny isn’t it? God prepared Moses and he was able to deliver the children of IIsrael (all he ever wanted). As we pray and trust in the Lord, He will prepare us for the rainy day. Thanks Dami ones again for the privilege of sharing my own experience.


  2. Beloved Dami, thanks for this post. The great lesson we have to learn is to sincerely pray that God allows us to be able to handle His blessings and remain in His will. A lot of discipline and leading of the Spirit of God is needed for us to be partakers of the blessing and still fulfill His purpose. Christians should always do a constant check to be sure God’s will in every situation is maintained as well as having the capacity to handle the blessings as God wills.

    Thanks and God bless you for the post.

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