Hey guys,

Somehow I feel like it’s been forever since our last entry, maybe it actually has :/  Welllll, i pray everyone is doing exceptionally well and walking in the fulness and boldness of knowing the Father’s love for them.

I was reading 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5 previously, I jotted down quick summaries of various verses that stood out to me and I want to quickly share them today.

Here goes:

Chapter 4

  • Vs 4&5- Live in holiness, honor your body. Why do I need to wear this or take this into my body? Does it honor God? Don’t treat your bodies as the pagans do, remember that the “unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in God’s sight.” 1 Peter 3 vs 3 . “Stay away from alll sexual sins”
  • Vs 8: Disobeying instructions does not just mean plain disregarding that instruction, it is also you directly pushing God out of your life. Trust those God has put over you, stop trying to fight higher authority.
  • Vs 9: Love one another. I love how Paul says it here, it’s like he’s saying “this instruction is so obvious I don’t even need to repeat it, LOVE.”   1 Thess 4:9.
  • Vs 10: When you think you love people, love them even more.
  • Vs 11: “Mind your business” Live a quiet and humble life. Lol, minding your business is even a Godly trait, stop trying to put your mouth and opinions where it doesn’t belong. As my Nigerians would say; stop your aproko and amebo work, face what is yours, stop trying to give opinions of how you can do other people’s stuff better than they do. Even so though, in minding your business, don’t forget to be your brothers’ keeper, love one another.
  • Vs 11 continued: Be hard working, don’t sit around waiting for blessings to fly into your hands, use your hands to work.
  • Vs 13 – 18: It is so important to live a christian life, encourage people you know to live a christian life also. So that when they die, you will be rest assured that you will meet with them again.

Chapter 5

  • Vs 12-22: Honor those that are leaders in God’s work (regardless of their age, size or status in the society). Show them love and support, STRIVE to live peacefully with allll men, forget who is at fault in a situation and strive for peace.
  • Be patient with everyone: Warn the lazy, Encourage the timid, take care of the weak, help the helpless, teach the ignorant (don’t let anyone slack in their walk with Christ).
  • Do not pay back evil for evil, do GOOD to alll men.
  • Always be joyful. Stop letting your situations dictate your mood. Let your identity in Christ dictate your attitude in any situation. Remember “the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
  • Don’t stop praying! Talk to God alll the time
  • Be thankful to God always, if not for the situation, then for who He is; A God that is “too wise to make a mistake and too good to do anything bad.” In all things, give thanks.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit work in you, let His leading not just be a suggestion but a command that you are eager to follow.
  • Hold on to what is good in God’s sight, not in society’s sight.
  • Stay away from all kinds of evil. Like my mum will say, “don’t wait to see if it’s evil or not, run away!” If you can’t tell from the start, it is probably evil.

Vs 23 & 24: Probably two of my best verses, Strive to obey all these instructions but always remember that God’s grace is available to you. To make you and keep you “holy and blameless” in His sight until Jesus comes. “The one who calls you is faithful.” If He has said it, He will most certainly do it.

I would really advise everyone to read these chapters. They challenge me to put in extra effort in my walk with Christ and rather than just be “good” like every other person, to actually be a sold out follower of Jesus Christ that desires to stay holy. It is also very good encouragement to me to know that it is not by my own strength and will that I can live a perfectly holy life but rather in my weakness, His own strength is perfected in my life to keep me holy and blameless.

Love y’all!


Feel free to comment, like, share or contact me privately at cravinghislifestyle@gmail.com with questions, concerns or even prayer requests!:)

One thought on “Staying Holy…

  1. This is a rich and great post for edification. 

    Dami, God bless you and increase your anointing, revelation and grace more and more.

    Regards and have a great week ahead. 

    Rev Akin Oke Christ the Rock Foundation Chapel,  Living Water City Int’l School, Port-Harcourt. Tel: +234 8033409097


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