Hey hey! Hope everyone has had a beautiful week exercising SUPER FAITH !!! Thank you to our visitors and new followers, I pray you have a blast reading through the entries.

So over to today’s entry, God has been teaching me the importance of praise. To praise even in the midst of trouble, when the logical thing to do is freak out, He has been teaching me the importance of staying sane and just singing praises to Him.

Praise. Right beside faith, praise is another very important factor when fighting the enemy. David did so much of it and God himself called him “the man after God’s heart” (1 Sam 13 vs 14; Acts 13 vs 22). What a beauty to be called that by God himself!

“God inhabits the praise of His people,” Psalm 22:3. We have probably heard that verse a thousand times, but let’s break it down. “To inhabit” basically means to live or to occupy. So in other words, God occupies wherever His people are praising. When His people praise, God comes and dwells there. Looking at it this way, praise sounds like the most powerful thing ever! Because it’s like wherever God’s people are praising Him, He can’t help it, He wants to be there, where the praise is. He comes and inhabits wherever we are. Praise calls on God and He comes!

I can almost see Daniel in that lions’ den walking around the den and just praising God, singing songs of love and worship to the Father, knowing fully well that God cannot resist genuine praise given to Him, knowing that as long as he was praising, God will be occupying that den in no time. And I mean we know what happens when the creator of the universe walks into a room.

“My God sent His angel to shut the lions’ mouths so that they would not hurt me. . . ” Daniel 6 vs 22. I just love that statement Daniel made. When God decides to show up, NOTHING ever remains the same again, He turns the ENTIRE situation around! All theories that were considered backed up with logical evidence is proven absolutely wrong when God shows up! Lions that are supposedly “wild animals,” carnivores to be exact, human flesh-eating carnivores (ew!). Those same lions became meek, their mouths were shut! Why? because the I am that I am showed up, and in His word He lets us in on a little secret: ‘When you praise me, I will show up.’

So let’s try it. The next time we’re having trouble falling asleep, we praise, because we know God’s presence will come with peace and love. When we need to write a paper or we have some huge project due but have no inspiration, you praise, because you know God will show up and give you all you need. The next time ALL, and I mean, every single evidence says ‘wrong,’ says ‘impossible,’ says ‘too late,’ you PRAISE! Because when you praise, God cannot help but show up , like He has no choice but to show up because He has spoken it in His word to us. 2 Timothy 3:16 says “All scripture is God-breathed. . .” Psalm 22:3 is an example of scripture breathed directly from the mouth of God. So let us hold God by His word today, let us PRAISE!

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