Hey guys!! Big shout out to all our new followers and visitors, thank you! I pray you genuinely hear God’s word as you read through.

First let me warn you guys, this entry is going to be on the longer side but I promise it’ll be worth it!! I mentioned in the About page that I have been reading this book by Kris Lundgaard,”Enemy Within.” In one chapter, He said that every super hero or villain has a weakness and it’s true. Superman and his kryptonite will forever be the perfect example. Now whenever we watch Superman movies, he of course does his best to avoid coming close to kryptonite because he knows what it does to him. The same logic applies to the devil (devil, flesh, doubt, sin, etc, I will probably use them interchangeably). So our flesh is a villain, it has its weak point. We have to find it, study it and attack it;

The devil doesn’t want you to:

  1. Pray, so PRAY and pray hard.
  2. Know the truth. so FIND it. Find it by studying God’s word
  3. Stay in God’s presence. So worship, listen to preachings, etc.

Now all of these stuff are great, really they are! But there’s an ultimate weapon, it’s like the final blow before the devil is lying helplessly on the floor similar to how we see Superman whenever he inhales much of kryptonite gas (at least I think he inhales the gas). FAITH. This is the devil’s kryptonite. With all those strategies listed above you are actively doing something, but with faith, you are totally surrendering to God, saying “hey God, I can’t fight this temptation on my own. I NEED You.” I’m pretty sure God loves hearing us say those three words as much as he loves hearing “I love You.”

Okay, so we hear “Faith without works is dead.” Works without faith would be dead also. Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV)

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

“Not by works, but but by the grace of God through faith, lest any man should boast.” The NLT version in vs 8 says, “God saved you by His grace, when you believed.” So basically, His grace is always there for us, but we can only activate it by believing. We can literally be like Jesus and never fall into temptation, because God’s grace is already available for that. The only difference is, and this is so key, our FAITH. While on earth Jesus never fell into temptation, because Yes, he prayed, he studied the word of God, preached in the temple, spent time in God’s presence, but most importantly he had faith. He knew what was available to Him (grace of God) and He accessed it through faith. And I know at this point we’re thinking, but I do have faith, I trust God, I believe in Him. Let’s take a step back and think about it: “do we reallyyy have faith?” I mean, faith, faith, faith, it’s everywhere in the bible, so important that even faith as teeny tiny as just one mustard seed goes a long way {Matthew 17 vs 20}. mustard-seed

So does it mean that the faith we say we have is even far too less than a mustard seed. Because I don’t think any of us have ever told an actual mountain to move and it did move (or maybe done the equivalent of this). Think about it, moving a mountain from point A to point B is a pretty big deal. I think it seems more impossible than getting into that dream school, or getting that scholarship or job or stopping that bad habit. Because let’s be real, a mountain is pretty set where it is (now I wish I paid more attention in Geography class to explain how mountains form so we can really understand why a mountain travelling sounds unreasonable). But yet, Jesus said with the faith the size of just one grain of mustard seed, we can say, “hey mountain, I need you to move a few miles from my house” and it will actually move. And i mean we pretty much know that God and His son do not lie or exaggerate, So if it is in His word, it is true.

Could it be that we are like the disciples then? We have prayed, studied God’s word, spent time with Him in His lovely presence, so we feel confident to do mighty stuff, confident to even acknowledge God’s grace available to us. But then we go out to take charge and nothing happens. So we’re running back to Jesus, saying, “Master, I did everything Your word said, i even had ‘faith'” but He’s replying in Matthew 17 vs 20 “You don’t have enough faith. . .because even if you had just an itsy bitsy faith like a mustard seed, You could be moving mountains to and fro.”

So if we claim to have faith, why is the situation we have been praying about still where it was before? Because let’s be honest, our situation probably sounds more logical than mountains moving, yet even an itsy bitsy faith can accomplish that.

Yes, sometimes God doesn’t allow certain things happen but let’s take this as a challenge: have faith, no matter how little the faith, have it and when you have it , you CANNOT have room for even the smallest amount of doubt. You can have mustard seed or giant faith, your choice, what you absolutely cannot have though, is doubt. Doubt is the absence of faith. “For without faith, it is impossible to please God . . .”  [For with doubt, we displease God]. Hebrews 11:6. We cannot be displeasing God, yet still claim to have faith to access His grace. “Faith without works is dead,” in other words, let your actions speak your faith, not just your mouth. Let your actions and thoughts have no traces of doubts, let them echo your walk with God and the trust you have in Him.

Ephesians 2:9: We are first saved by the grace of God , through faith, not our works.

James 2:24: We remain saved and right with God by what we do and not just by claiming faith. Let what we do speak our faith.

Back to the very beginning, to completely paralyze and kill the flesh (whether it is some sort of temptation or it is the doubts and fears that stop us from trusting God with our lives), we need faith, but we don’t kill the flesh just by saying faith. We kill the flesh by acting faith, true faith, with no traces of doubt. So let’s go back into battle with the flesh, now with more wisdom, more knowledge of the flesh’s weak point: OUR FAITH.

P.S: I would really love for you guys to watch this video, if you’re being impatient (patience is a virtue though lol) skip to about the 1:59 – 2:40 minute. God really used this video sometime ago to teach me what it means to “walk by faith not by sight” 2 Cor 5:7.

Stay blessed and beautifuuul guys!!


3 thoughts on “Super Faith

  1. So, so blessed by your piece on Super Faith. I pray for more understanding on the great secret of faith.
    The video; God wants us to walk by faith and not to know why (awsome)
    Thanks Dami. More grace and revelations in Jesus name.

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  2. Dear Dami, I was blessed by this piece. I thank God for putting the vision in you to reach out to millions of people. Your voice shall continue to be heard in your generation. It was a great edification for me. Rgds, Rev

    Liked by 1 person

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