{Isaiah 57 vs 15-19}

If God leaves us, we will grow faint before Him. We will continue on our own way, on our path of destruction and eventually die. But He loves us. So much, he says,

Even if you didn’t run back to me when I turned away from You, I will come to You and heal You. I know you think your path is pretty straight without me, but I am God. I am who I say I am, your Creator. I know things which you don’t and I see you are on the wrong path. A path that will dry your soul up and leave you unfulfilled. But again, as I said before, I love You. So rather than wait for you to come to your senses, I will heal you, guide you and comfort you. Give you peace, a reason to praise. I will heal you because I love you not because you deserve it. I have sent my son Jesus Christ to bring you this healing, this song of praise, this peace. He is the true and faithful witness (Revelation 3:14) He will show you the path of destruction you are on, so that you can appreciate this healing I bring You. Only His word is Yea and Amen. Only His judgement of your hearts can you trust. You can’t trust your own. You can’t trust the judgement of Your parents or elders, except I speak my word of truth to them. Look to my son, I am sending my only son that I begat, my beloved, to You, each one of You personally, to show you this peace. To bring you this healing.”

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