The Jews weren’t the only ones that sent Jesus to the cross, that beat Him, that dug canes with metal head into his skin and pulled away at His flesh as blood flowed out. They weren’t the only ones who gave him a crown of thorns and pierced it down His forehead till His blood and sweat flowed and He was tasting His own blood. No, they weren’t the only ones who laughed at him and said “Well, why don’t you save yourself, call down your so called angels mighty king.” They weren’t the only ones who blasphemed and mocked the Kingdom of God, who called God’s beloved a liar. I was there. I did it too. I carried the weight of all of my sin and stood right there in front of the crowd. I spat on him and rejected Him. I gave him a cup of vinegar to drink when I saw His thirst. I looked into His eyes and saw compassion. I saw LOVE, i took His kindness and threw it right at His face. I laughed when He fell from the beatings and presented the nails to be driven into His palms. And then He died. Right in front of me and others in the crowd, he took all our sins and our shame weighing each of us down as he died. I never understood it. I laughed at Him, I mocked Him, yet, He called me His own. I deserved the beatings, I deserved punishment. I deserved far more, I deserved death. He didn’t deserve to die, I did. But he died in my place. I threw His love back at him and He gave me life in return. Not my old life, a new one, brand new, He brought me healing. I was an unworthy sinner deserving death. He saved me and called me His beautiful bride worthy of His love.

One thought on “An Unworthy Sinner

  1. Oh yes. We did not choose Him but He chose us even when we were still sinners. Lord help us to understand your unconditional love.
    Thanks Dami for sharing.

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