It’s a Wonderful Life – living ALIVE.

Hello beautiful peopleee, I hope your week is coming to an end well and you are ready to enter into the weekend! Anyone have any fun weekend plans??? If so, I wanna hear them! : ) On my end, I will be prepping for a big move across the country. . . Yuppp, I know… … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life – living ALIVE.

The Compromise of Pornography

Hey franss, I want to share the link to two videos on today: Both videos are in-depth and raw conversations on pornography - its roots, consequences and shame. As someone who has had experience with pornography, I do not want to pass up this opportunity to share resources that will also lead to … Continue reading The Compromise of Pornography


Hi beautiful friends, Recently the concept of complacency as it relates to our christian journey has been on my mind. Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the second definition of this word, Complacency, as an instance of usually unaware or uninformed satisfaction with oneself. As Christians, it is so easy to get satisfied and stuck in a loop … Continue reading Complacency


Romans 5:5“And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us” First time in New York What have you been holding on to in these times? What has been anchoring your heart? Does your heart feel anchored or is it … Continue reading Hope.